“Seriously, do this, you won’t regret it!”

J.J. | Lead Pastor, Ridgepoint Church


“I was blown away from what you presented. The crazy part is that its only the beginning of the course. Definitely worth the money!”

Ben | Personal Trainer, Gold’s Gym


“Whether it be matters of budgeting, persuasive presentations, Interpersonal relationships, operational management, all facets of leadership or communication, flashpoint excels.”

Joe | Attorney


“Brought a broad understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses while PAK was tripling revenue - Which wouldn’t have been possible without the coaching provided.”

Dave | CEO, PAKGlobal


“The training was brilliant! You are clearly passionate about committed teaching which takes what you’re teaching to a deeper level, and has so much more impact.”

Wayne | Manager, Piedmont Healthcare


“Not only helped our team become better leaders, but helped them become better people as well.”

Randy | Dist. Manager, Jackson EMC


“Helped us navigate each milestone and we wouldn’t be where we are today without this guidance.”

Dirk + Muriel | 7-Figure Digital Marketers


“I feel like, on some level, I knew what I was struggling with, but to hear someone break it down was pretty convicting. I love what you’re doing!”

Amanda | Photographer


“This coaching is powerful, and I know you’ll find success with it. I’m living proof! From part time pizza delivery, to doing what I love full time!”

Jason | Brewer, Crooked Thumb Brewery


“The final result was even better than what we hoped for!”

Vashon | CEO, Martial Arts Network


Are You Ready For Results Like These?


More Than A Spark…

Flashpoint Solutions started as a mission that still wakes us up every morning, and pushes us to do our best for the people we partner with. No one goes into business for themself to simply end up another spark in the night. They do it to make a difference. To elevate their lifestyle. To free their families.

Businesses don’t fail because they get too much traction, and make too much money too soon. They fail because the make too many mistakes to soon.

That’s why it’s our mission every day to help fan these sparks into flames so they can one day be the wildfires of their industry. Will you be one of them? A beacon of light shouldn’t be hidden, but should be shone proudly to the world. It’s your time to shine…

It’s your time to be More than a Spark!

Join the movement —> #MoreThanASpark


This is For You If…

  • You own your own business

  • You feel stuck in your business

  • You feel busy, but not productive

  • You have no free time outside of work

  • You want a life with no ceiling and no limits

  • You’ve always wanted a home-based business

  • You have a product or service but don’t know how to sell it

  • You just started a new business and you don’t want to screw it up!

We’ve been there. Our head in our hands, and tears in our eyes wondering if this was all life was meant to be.

But You Weren’t Meant To Be Average.

There’s a lot more to this life than punching a clock for someone else, while they get all the benefits that you work hard for. You have more to offer than just being someone else’s stepping stone to success. You can have an amazing life.

All You Have To Do Is Start…

If you want to swim in pools of cash like Scrooge McDuck, you can. If you want to provide a life of security to your spouse and kids, you can. If you want to support charities, non-profits or sponsor causes, you can. Why can I say that with such confidence? Because people JUST LIKE YOU are doing it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They made a decision that they didn’t want to be average, running an average business, living an average life, trying to make ends meet on average results.

They Wanted More!

Not to be greedy. Not to be selfish. Not to feed their pride and ego.
But to live life on their terms.

Will You do the same?


Final Breakdown…


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